Porth Sulinces

porth sulinces cornish beach holiday

Porth Sulinces, sometimes referred to as Breage beach, situated a mile north of Porthleven on the southwest coast of Cornwall. The breathtakingly beautiful coastline surrounding Porth Sulinces exhibit an array of untouched coves that cannot be accessed by foot due to high cliffs. Impressive right-hand waves can be seen breaking off the rocky platform to the north and peeling all the way across the bay large westerly swell directions. Expect to see nobody else down here apart from walkers passing by on the coastal path above the beach.

No lifeguards on duty.

No friendly.

Directions: Park in Porthleven and make the long walk (3 miles) northwest along the coastal path, passing the world-class reef breaks and memorial. Eventually, you will reach a small bridge crossing a stream and a set of concrete step leading down onto the beach.

Secret beach location: 50.090666,-5.33331