Cot Valley Beach

Cot valley is a beautiful valley dissected by a narrow stream running northwest to the coast between Land’s End and Cape Cornwall. At the bottom of the sub-tropical valley you will find Cot Valley Beach (also known as Porth Nanven Cove). The area has become a famous bird watching spot and incredibly rare sitings have been made here including a yellow billed Cuckoo native to America. Cornish choughs have been spotted frequently in the valley as well as an array of other vagrant and migratory birds. The bird is the word. The cove is generally made up of boulders so its not ideal if you are hunting for golden sands but a small sandy beach does appear on a low tide. Its charachterisitc large smooth boulders have lead some people to nick name the beach ‘Dinosaur Egg Beach’.  About one nautical mile offshore lay the Brisons, a twin-peaked islet that is often said resembles Charles De Gaulle lying on his back! They are at the epicentre of the local annual Brison swimming race that starts at Cape Cornwall and round the rocks.

No lifeguards on duty.

Dog friendly.

Directions:  From St. Just head toward Cape Cornwall, taking a left hand turn down onto a narrow road signed Cot Valley. You will find a small car park and from that a small path leading down the valley to the coast.

Secret beach location: 50.119271,-5.70066