Leggan Cove

Down on the eastern side of the Lizard Peninsula is a rarely visited cove that even the most avid of explorers may not have heard of. Approximately one mile east of St. Keverne and nestled between the two disused quarries at Dean Point and Porthoustock, Leggan Cove sits adjacent to its bigger brother Godrevy Cove. Leggan Cove exhibits shingle and course dark sand that falls away gradually into the crystal clear waters that surround this amazing coastline. About a nautical mile offshore lies the Mistrel Rock, Carn Du Rocks and the Varses, also known as The Mannacles (MĂȘn Eglos), a particularly treacherous group of rocks that many ships have fallen victim to.

No lifeguards on duty.

Dog friendly.

Directions: Drive to St. Keverne and then follow signs to the small hamlet of Rosenthon. From there take the footpath through the fields and down onto the Southwest Coastal Path. You will eventually arrive at Godrevy Cove with Leggan Cove just to the north.

Secret beach location: 50.05009, -5.06412