Porthleven Beach

The steep and course grained sands of Porthleven beach are often overlooked by beach-goers because of its notorious reputation for rough waters. Although this is very often true, during calmer periods Porthleven beach is an excellent stretch of sand worth visiting with the added safety of seasonal lifeguards on duty. During the winter months, large Atlantic storms crash onto the beach and produce a phenomenal backwash and the illusion of 100ft+ waves. Many of these prolific storms have been captured by photographers and the images exhibited on numerous postcards around the village. Be very careful when swimming here, even with lifeguard on duty. The under-toe caused by the steeply shelving beach can be treacherous, even for the strongest swimmer. To the west end of the beach is Porthleven pier and produces some world class waves at low tide and a “pit of death” at high tide that remains almost exclusive to bodyboarders to the shallow reef upon which it breaks.

Lifeguards on duty.

friendly (October to Easter)

Directions: Porthleven is sign-posted from along the main Penzance to Helston road. Park either at the harbour head or down by the pier.

Beach location: 50.08072, -5.3136